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Visits are available all year round but please book early for the summer term as it is often fully booked.

Programme Description
Nature Explorers Explore the woodland with a nature walk making sticky cards, sensory games and a hunt for minibeasts. 
Pond and Woodland life Compare and contrast different creatures that live in the pond and the wood.
Tree Trolls Art session using natural materials; collect seeds, feathers, twigs and fruits to transform a small log into a woodland troll.
Habitats Learn about habitats through exploring grasslands, woodlands and ponds.
Minibeasts What is a minibeast? Find out by looking at our examples in the centre and going on a minibeast hunt.
Food Chains Study the components of a food chain by exploring the Wildlife Area.
Terrific Trees Explore plant life cycles and learn how to identify and classify trees using keys.
Nature’s Recyclers Relate recycling to the woodland nutrient cycle; learn about the role of detritivores and decomposers in the woodland ecosystem and build a wormery.

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Teachers' Testimonials

"Brilliant day, pitched well to the age group.
The children were engaged and on task at all times. Thank you."

Reception teacher, Oxford gardens School
June 2014

"Enthusiastic interested staff. Appropriate level of learning.
A fabulous workshop. Certainly do this again."

Year 2 Teacher Thomas kensington
June 2014

"Always an enjoyable trip which the children
thoroughly enjoy. Thank you!"

Year 1 Teacher, Thomas Battersea
June 2014

"A really interesting and interactive session.
My class loved it. Fiona was calm and kind to the boys and
we had a great time. Thank you."

Year 1 Teacher, Garden House School
June 2014

"Very informative and stimulating for the children."
Year 2 Teacher, Norfolk House School
June 2014

"As ever the session was well run by Trevor,
who gave clear instructions. Thank you."

Year 2 Teacher,
St Barnabas & St Philips School
June 2014



Tell us what you think. Your feeback is important to us

We aim to constantly improve our service to pupils and teachers. Teachers and group leaders are asked to complete a brief evaluation at the end of the visit. We always welcome suggestions on how to make your visit more effective and enjoyable, as well as new services you would like to see the Ecology Centre provide.

We use the following form to collect feedback from teachers after environmental education visits. Forms will also be given to teachers after the visit.