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Planning Applications Committee

This page lists the meetings for Planning Applications Committee.

Information about Planning Applications Committee

Please note that only 5 Members will sit at each meeting of the Committee. Details of specific members allocated to each meeting will be published 5 clear working days before each meeting. 




Five Councillors drawn from a pool of sixteen.


Terms of Reference


The Committee’s terms of reference are as follows:


(i)             To consider and determine applications for planning permission which do not fall within the terms of reference of the Planning Committee and to consider and determine any reserved matters from planning applications which have been determined by the Planning Committee.

(ii)            To decline to determine applications for planning permission.

(iii)          To consider and determine applications for the Council’s own development schemes.

(iv)          To consider and determine applications for listed building consent and conservation area consent.

(v)           To regulate development works to listed buildings and demolition in conservation areas.

(vi)          To grant or refuse consent to display advertisements.

(vii)         To exercise all enforcement powers relating to the functions of the local planning authority.

(viii)       To exercise all the powers of the local planning authority in relation to trees.

(ix)          To issue a certificate of existing or proposed lawful use or development.

(x)           To make determinations, give approvals and agree other matters relating to the exercise of permitted development rights.

(xi)          To prepare and serve a completion notice.

(xii)         To prepare and serve a building preservation notice.

(xiii)       To prepare and serve a notice requiring the proper maintenance of land.

(xiv)       To prepare and serve a notice requiring the discontinuance of a use of land.

(xv)        To prepare and serve a repairs notice.

(xvi)       To acquire listed buildings in need of repair.

(xvii)        To execute urgent works to listed buildings.

(xviii)      To enter into legal agreements pursuant to Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and other related legislation.

(xix)    To consider and determine applications for hazardous substances         consent and related powers.

(xx)      Insofar as they affect the highways and footways, the regulation of projecting signs such as lamps and advertisements.

(xxi)     To remove signs or graffiti on buildings.

(xxii)     The preservation of trees.

(xxiii)    To issue appropriate statutory notices under planning legislation or other relevant legislation.

(xxiv)     Generally to take action and operate all statutory and administrative procedures under the planning legislation.