Discretionary Housing Payment

Information about the Discretionary Housing Payment

This is a housing payment for residents whose Housing Benefit has been resticted.

Discretionary Housing Payment is a limited fund that the Council administer. It is to help residents whose Housing Benefit or Universal Credit has been restricted. This could be because of the Local Housing Allowance caps, or because of other changes to benefits.  You may qualify if your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit does not cover all your rent.

Discretionary Housing Payment is separate to Housing Benefit and Universal Credit. The Council runs the scheme and all awards are at the Council’s discretion. To be eligible, you must:

  • be in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, and
  • your circumstances must be exceptional

These payments are usually only awarded for a limited period. They cannot be relied upon to solve long-term housing difficulties.

If you are on Housing Benefit, you can also ask for a paper application form by telephoning 020 7361 3006.