Our Service Commitment

Through the use of statutory powers and by working in partnership with others, we aim to achieve real improvements in the quality of life within the borough. This includes reducing waste, pollution and the amount of traffic on the borough's roads.

All boroughs are required by statute to produce a Local Implementation Plan (LIP) to show how they will contribute to delivering the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy, specifically in relation to the priorities identified.

Service Delivery Plan

The Transport, Environment and Leisure Services (TELS) Service Delivery Plan 2009/12 showed the main services and projects that the business group aimed to deliver for the period.

Tourism and the Royal Borough

With the Royal Borough being home to some of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, visitors bring a huge boost to the local economy. Our Visitor Strategy sets out how we can capitalise on the benefits tourism brings for business while considering its impact on residents.

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