Recycling and rubbish FAQs

These are the borough's most frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to recycling, rubbish and litter. If you have a basic question about these issues, check to see if we've answered it here.

Questions about recycling bags

I never receive recycling bags directly to my flat. Why is this?We are unable to deliver to individual flats within a block or house. Normally, bags for the whole house will be left in the hallway or communal entrance.

Bags seldom seem to be delivered in my building. Why is this?If you live in a shared building, it could be that some residents in the building have taken more than one pack of bags, leaving some of their neighbours without bags. 

What should I do if I live in a managed block?For managed blocks, we normally leave a supply of recycling bags with site staff; if you have one, please check with your site manager or concierge for recycling bags.

I frequently run out of recycling bags. How can I get more on a regular basis?For larger households, we can deliver an additional pack of bags with each delivery. If you would like an additional pack please use the online order form.

I currently have more recycling bags than I need. How can I stop bag deliveries temporarily, while I use them up?Please phone Streetline on 020 7361 3001