Plastic bag recycling

Why recycle plastic bags?

Although we don't send any waste to landfill, burning plastic bags for energy from waste (EfW) is not environmentally friendly.

Where to recycle plastic bags

You can reuse plastic bags time and time again. When they're longer usable, most large supermarkets in the borough offer a recycling service including:

  • Tesco, West Cromwell Road - at the entrance from the car park
  • Waitrose, Kensington High Street - at the Earl's Court Road exit

Notting Hill Housing Trust accepts plastic carrier bags to re-use in their charity shops in:

  • South Kensington
  • Olympia
  • Kings Road
  • Notting Hill Gate
  • Fulham Road
  • Brompton Road
  • Kensington Church Street

Useful tips

Try to avoid using plastic carrier bags. Use a non-plastic or cloth reusable bag instead.