Junk mail

Nearly four billion pieces of direct mail are posted through letter boxes in Britain every year. About a third of this is thrown straight into the bin. Last year over 78,000 tonnes of it ended up in landfill.

The Royal Borough is keen to try and minimise this waste at source.

The Mailing Preference Service (MPS)

The Mailing Preference Service is a free non profit service which allows subscribers to register their wish not to receive unsolicited direct mail.

It allows you to have your name removed from, or added to, most mailing lists in the country. As they knock on doors throughout Kensington and Chelsea, the Royal Borough's Recycling Wardens will be offering residents the opportunity to have a free no junk mail sticker to put on their doors to deter junk mail being posted through their letter boxes.

To find out more about the MPS or to use the service call 0845 703 4599, you can also find out more and register online on the MPS website.

About 35 percent of consumers are registered with the Mailing Preference Service, with currently 1.2 million names registered. Remember, if you do wish to receive direct mail but just want to make sure it does not end up in a landfill site, all of your paper can be recycled in Kensington and Chelsea.

There is a twice weekly recycling collection service for all bag and bin customers. To find out the collection days for your street please see Collection Days. If you have large quantities of domestic recycling, have a look for your nearest Mini Recycling Centre. See Mini Recycling Centre.

The Planet Ark Campaign

The Planet Ark Campaign is the international not-for-profit Environmental Foundation, who are working with the Direct Marketing Association. The Planet Ark campaign is supported by the Mayor of London's Recycle for London campaign Recycle for London which has identified junk mail as one of its core materials.

For more information see The Planet Ark Campaign website.

Recycle for London

Recycle for London research has shown that people do not recycle junk mail with their newspapers and magazines. The Planet Ark campaign adds value to the Recycle for London campaigning by further promoting this issue and encouraging consumers to recycle all advertising materials they receive. It will also promote the the Mailing Preference Service to help reduce the amount of unwanted junk mail being sent. For more information visit the Recycle for London website.

Royal Mail Opt Out Service

Royal Mail will stop delivering unaddressed mail to your home if you choose to opt out of the service. You can do this by writing to them, or emailing them. To go straight to the Royal Mail website, please see Royal Mail Opt Out Service.