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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

The Registrars department at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has a long history of excellent customer service and your views are important to help us further improve the service that we provide.

If you have used one of our services, we are keen to hear your views on the service you received. Whether this was for a happy occasion such as a marriage ceremony or the registration of a birth, or a sadder occasion such as the registration of a death of a loved one. Your views are important to us so that we can understand what we are doing well, and what we can improve on.

We would therefore be extremely grateful if you were able to take a minute to complete our short survey. All responses are anonymous and will be used solely for the purpose of improving our customer service.

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Our Service Delivery Agreement

The Registration Service Delivery Plan encourages good practice and outlines our commitment to the service delivery standards contained in the Code of Practice for Local Registration Authorities in England and Wales. This code of practice is complemented by a good practice guide which provides information on specific national standards we must meet, together with aspirational standards.

The details are contained in our Registration Service Delivery Plan:

Registration Service Delivery Plan 2017-18 [PDF] (file size 368.27 KB)

Our Performance

Our performance against six key performance indicators, published in our Registration Service Delivery Plan , is shown below.

Good Practice Guide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  1. Events accurately registered within statutory timeframe

    i) National Standard: 99% of births and 96% of still-births registered within 42 days
    Our Performance: 89.0% of births (100% of still-births)
    ii) National Standard: 80% of deaths (excluding post mortem and inquest cases) registered within 5 days
    Our Performance: 50%
    iii) National Standard: 95% of deaths after post mortem (excluding inquest cases) registered within 7 days
    Our Performance: 93%
    iv) National Standard: 95% of deaths registered within 24 hours of receipt of coroner’s certificate after inquest
    Our Performance: 96.0%

  2. Average waiting times

    i) National Standard: 95% of customers able to obtain an appointment to register a birth or Birth Declarations within 5 working days
    Our Performance: 94.0%
    ii) National Standard: 95% of customers able to obtain an appointment for Deaths, Still-births and Death Declarations within 2 working days
    Our Performance:99%
    iii) National Standard: 95% of customers able to obtain an appointment to give notice within 10 working days
    Our Performance: 90%
    iv) National Standard: 95% of customers with an appointment were seen within 10 minutes of their appointment time
    Our Performance: 90%

  3. Issue certificates from deposited registers

    i) National Standard: 95% of certificate applications from deposited registers to be dealt with within 7 days of receipt
    Our Performance: 98%

  4. Citizenship Certificates

    i) National Standard: 100% of notifications for Citizenship certificates dated correctly and sent to the Home Office within 14 days of the ceremony
    Our Performance: 99%

  5. Offer facility for forms of declaration for birth, still-birth and deaths

    i) National Standard: 95% of incoming declarations registered within 24 hours of receipt
    Our Performance: 92%

  6. Customer satisfaction

    i) National Standard: 95% of customers satisfied with our service
    Our Performance: 98.0%
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You Commented, We Listened, The Result 

You Commented We Listened The Result
You told us that it was important to have appointments available outside of normal office opening times We altered our opening hours to from 9am – 4pm, to 8am – 5pm.  We added evening appointments on Thursdays, and opened registration appointments on Saturdays alongside ceremonies  We received no further requests for more flexible appointment times – those on offer proved to be very popular
You told us that you wanted to be able to book appointments and ceremonies online We introduced online bookings and payments for birth registrations, death registrations and certificate ordering.  Development work is underway for all our remaining services to be bookable and payable online Around 65 per cent of customers decided to book / pay online where they could
You told us that the décor in the appointment waiting area was tired; and did not match the high quality customer care delivered by staff We secured funding for a major refurbishment of the Registrars department at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, to commence in September 2018 Awaiting refurbishment.  In the meantime, the area is frequently inspected and any repairs immediately reported for fixing.  Immediate improvements to the accessible toilet and entrance foyer were completed.
You told us that the stereos in the ceremony room were not easy to use We ordered new ones Awaiting arrival of new stereos; in the meantime, staff have been trained on use of the current stereos so that they will take over control of music at ceremonies
You told us that appointment confirmations were not always arriving We had IT and our booking system providers investigate and resolve the issue Appointment confirmations are now arriving – meaning a big reduction in customers needing to chase these up
In less frequent cases, you told us that the name was misspelt on your booking Staff have been trained to pay particular attention to this when taking bookings There has been a reduction in numbers of customers contacting us to have these corrected

Customer Charter for Kensington and Chelsea Register Office