Applying for advertised contracts

The contract notice or advertisement will invite suppliers to apply for a procurement opportunity and will state what is required from potential suppliers. To express an interest in an opportunity, suppliers must first register on the Council's eSourcing portal, capitalEsourcing. Potential suppliers will then either be invited to tender (where an open tendering procedure is being followed) or will be sent a pre-qualification questionnaire prior to issuing an invitation to tender. This will be done only if the size, nature, and complexity of the tender warrants this course of action.

Pre-qualification is to assess the potential supplier’s suitability to fulfil the Council’s requirements. It also saves time and effort being unnecessarily spent on completing tenders by a bidder. It is important that potential suppliers provide all requested information in full and respond by the due date.

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To find opportunities to tender for contracts with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and other London boroughs, visit capitalEsourcing.


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Supply Cross River 2 provides access contract opportunities from major construction projects and large buyers from across London.