Food Safety Training

Food Safety Training

The law requires that all food handlers (including managers who handle food) need to be trained according to their work activities.

We offer taught qualification courses, and e-learning programmes which will give you a similar level of knowledge but not a formal qualification. Visit the E-learning pages.

Qualification certificates are not legally required, but they may help with your due diligence defence. Achieving a food safety qualification will help entry into employment, enhance promotion opportunities, and assist food business operators in proving that they have displayed diligence and are compliant with the law. Level 2 is suitable for food handlers. Levels 3 and 4 are suitable for managers and supervisors.

Learners attending our courses must, on return to work, be supervised and instructed in how to turn the theory into practice in their food business. Visit the Food Standards Agency website for further information.


Which Food Safety Level?

Level 1 - ensures that employees from all food sectors are equipped with a knowledge of basic food hygiene to enable them to produce safe food. Suitable for new employees or low risk food activities. Not a prerequisite for Level 2 entry.
Level 2 – ensures that a food handler is aware of the hazards and controls associated with the types of food they produce. Level 1 not required as prerequisite. Not suitable for managers or supervisors.
Level 3 – ensures that supervisors and managers are aware of the legislation applicable to food safety and how  to communicate the required standards to employees. 
Level 4 - ensures that managers are aware of the procedures and standards required to ensure safe food is served at all times and that due diligence is taken.


Qualify at Home

In partnership with Highfield Qualifications, Kensington and Chelsea is offering a new way of learning which will help learners gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst studying at home or at work. Visit the Qualify at Home page for further information.