Level 2 Award in Customer Service

Level 2 Award in Customer Service

We offer a taught qualification course, and an e-learning programme which will give you a similar level of knowledge but not a formal qualification. See the E-learning page.

Qualification certificates are not legally required, but they may help with your due diligence defence. Achieving a customer service qualification will help entry into employment, enhance promotion opportunities, and assist all business operators in proving that they have displayed.

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Course content

  • principles of customer service
  • how customer needs and expectations are formed
  • interpersonal skills
  • responding to customers’ complaints or problems


Qualify at Home

You can also study and qualify for this course at home. See the Qualify at Home page for details.



Learners who:

  • deal with customers on a daily basis as part of their job
  • want to improve their knowledge of customer service
  • want to understand how to satisfy customers’ expectations


Duration and course dates

  • course duration: one day
  • 2021 dates: 13 April; 22 September

Please ask about additional dates and in-house courses.

(additional course may be run as open or on-site sessions, depending on demand)



  • within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea: residents, volunteers, businesses with less than 25 employees, community support groups: £20 per person (no further discounts)

  • outside the Royal Borough, and businesses of over 25 employees in the borough: £69 per person (ask about discounts)


Assessment method

Multiple choice examination.


Awarding organisation

The awarding body for this course is Highfield Qualifications.


Course requirements