Level 2 Award in Healthy Food and Special Diets

Level 2 Award in Healthy Food and Special Diets

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Course content

  • good basic understanding of nutrition principles and terminology
  • understand the requirements of a balanced diet and its positive effect on health
  • identify differing needs, allergies and food intolerances
  • appreciate that different groups of people require different diets to suit their lifestyle
  • knowledge of the requirements of the current legislation
  • understand the impact of food processing and manufacturing on the nutritional content of foods
  • appreciate the importance of accurate nutritional information being available on food products



All employees in catering environments involved in the selection of menus, recipes and ingredients. It is also relevant for those in the health care and education sectors.

For businesses and organisations in Kensington and Chelsea - this will help support your Healthy Workplace Charter application.


Duration and course dates

  • course duration: 1 day
  • 2021 dates: 10 May

(additional courses may be run as open or on-site sessions, depending on demand)



  • within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea: residents, volunteers, businesses with less than 25 employees, community support groups: £20 per person (no further discounts)


    outside the Royal Borough, and businesses of over 25 employees in the borough: £69 per person (ask about discounts)


Assessment method

Multiple-choice question examination.


Awarding organisation

The awarding body for this course is the Highfield Qualifications 


Course requirements