Public health training courses

About our courses

We've been delivering food safety and health and safety courses since 1989.

Our courses aim to provide staff with improved knowledge and theory of good practice in their work area.

We train attendees from:

  • businesses
  • health and social care organisations
  • education services
  • local authorities
  • voluntary and community organisations
  • tenant management organisations
  • housing associations
  • employment and business support organisations
  • adult and family learning groups
  • enforcement officers

Our training courses can:

  • motivate staff
  • improve knowledge and understanding
  • provide a vocation-related qualification
  • set benchmarks
  • contribute to compliance with the law
  • reduce complaints or accidents

Who should attend

The level of training will depend on your work activities. There are four levels:

  • Level 1: new employees, induction, low risk work activities

  • Level 2: employees

  • Level 3: owners, managers, supervisors and potential trainers
  • Level 4: owners, managers and potential trainers

If you are an owner or manager, consider attending Level 3 or 4 courses to ensure you can properly supervise, instruct and/or train your staff about safety issues specific to your work.

Public health training and the law

Our enforcement officers make sure employers follow the law and train their staff properly. They do this by:

  • questioning the business operator
  • using the qualifications framework as a guide
  • linking non-compliance to a safety problem
  • questioning the employees

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety at Work Act, and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, require employers to provide information, instruction and training to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

Visit Health and Safety Executive or telephone 0845 609 6006.

Food Safety

Food Safety Law (EC Regulation 852/2006) requires food business operators to ensure that their foodhandlers are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene work relevant to their work activities. 

Visit the Food Standards Agency.

Awarding bodies

Our awarding bodies are:

If you would like to attend or want us to run any of their courses, get in touch.

You may need a specific level of knowledge before you can attend an accredited level course, such as Level 2 before Level 3.

Our trainers

We are a registered training organisation. Our trainers are either Council officers or approved trainers under contract to the Council.

Non-accredited courses

We also offer a range of non-accredited short training sessions and workshops. These courses:

  • have no accredited qualification exam at the end of the courses
  • are suitable for small businesses and public and private sector organisations
  • suit owners, managers, staff, trainers and enforcement officers

Find out more

If you need any guidance on training courses or need advice, contact us. We're here help.