Areas of support for young people

Support for young people

The four areas where young people wanted and needed the most support are:

Future and Ambition

Young people need to be supported to raise their aspirations, figure out what qualities and skills they have and what jobs these might suit. For those young people who know the profession they want but don’t have access to industry contacts - or don’t have an understanding of the qualifications and experience they need – high quality careers and enterprise development provision is essential.

Community and environment

There is a clear desire to maximize use of local assets and public spaces across the borough - using these spaces to help create a cohesive and supportive community. The local community are clearly incredibly proud of where they live, however, many recognise the need for the modernisation and development of some outdoor venues such as parks and adventure playgrounds, as well as wanting to see more community based art.

Safety and security

Young people do not always feel safe when travelling around the borough. Concerns have been raised about gangs and knife crime in particular, and people feel there is a need for more safe spaces and diversionary support. Many young people have identified youth centres as safe spaces, whilst acknowledging a need for greater outreach to ensure that potentially vulnerable young people have every opportunity to be connected into safe spaces and activities.

Healthy and happy lives

Mental health and emotional wellbeing was a key priority and there was a focus on what can help young people feel happy and less stressed, whilst promoting physical health. Young people want to see a broader range of social and cultural activities and trips, and articulated a gap in free or affordable high calibre sports provision.