Local Offer for Care Leavers

Local Offer for Care Leavers: Participation in Society

Information about participation in society.

In the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea we want our care leavers to be active members of society and to have all the chances in life that other young adults have. Your opinions matter to us; they help influence how services are delivered to you and how Children’s Services can further develop their practice.

We can help you participate in society in the following ways:

Future Union, also known as the ‘Children in Care Council,’ gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard and make suggestions on the services you receive.

You are able to meet Council Leaders and Assistant Directors and speak to them about how to improve things for children and young people who are ‘looked after’ or care leavers.

The group meet regularly, usually on the last Thursday of every month where you can participate in consultations and research, as well as delivering training to foster carers, staff and volunteers. The group also attends the Pan London Children in Care Council meetings and contributes to on-going dialogue around corporate parenting both locally and nationally.

The participation and advocacy service also produces a monthly newsletter which will tell you about:

  • groups and clubs you may wish to join within the Bi-Borough
  • relevant awards, schemes and competitions you can enter, in line with your talents and interests
  • work experience offers within the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea service departments
  • voluntary work that we think you may be interested in
  • information and possibly help with the cost of leisure activities
  • advice and help to challenge any discrimination you face as a care leaver

Last updated: 29 November 2019