Consultation on Prescribed Alteration to Sion-Manning Girl’s Catholic School

The Board of Governors of Sion-Manning Catholic Girls' School, after due consideration of the options regarding future admissions to the School; including maintaining the school as a single-sex girls' school, wishes  to proceed with a consultation to consider the proposal to change the status of the school from a single-sex girls' school to a co-educational school. The Board of Governors intends to admit the first co-educational cohort to Year 7 in September 2018, subject to approval from the Archbishop of the Diocese of Westminster and the Local Authority (the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea).

The consultation proposals are attached.

 Any person may comment on this proposal. Comments should be received no later than Monday 10 April 2017, exactly six weeks after the publication of the proposal. Comments should be addressed to:

Adress:    The Board of Governors

Sion-Manning Catholic  Girls' School

75 St Charles Square London W10 6EL

Or by email: