Anti-bullying Strategy

To keep children and young people safe, we must ensure that safeguarding children and young people is everybody’s business. We believe that every child and young person in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea should grow up free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.

It is vital that everyone concerned with children and young people is able to respond effectively to incidents of bullying behaviour, and help prevent these from happening.

We aim to raise awareness about bullying and its effects on children and young people and, with a comprehensive, coordinated approach to anti-bullying across the borough, develop strategies to prevent and respond to it. We will help children and young people, parents and carers to prevent, and deal with, bullying behaviour, and provide information, training and support to those working with children and young people.

To help achieve our vision, we have produced Kensington and Chelsea’s Anti-Bullying Strategy.

Anti-bullying Strategy 2011-2014 [PDF] (file size 564Kb)

Our strategy seeks to build on the effective practice we already have in place to prevent and respond to bullying, whilst recognising that we need to work more collaboratively with others to achieve our aims.

The strategy sets out our shared vision to ensure that every child, young person and adult in the Royal Borough is treated with dignity. We believe that:

  • everyone is entitled to respect and has a responsibility to respect others
  • each person is unique, has a positive contribution to make with talents and strengths that should be encouraged
  • we should value and be at ease with the social diversity that reflects our borough and society
  • our homes, schools, workplaces, neighbourhoods, streets, recreation spaces and public transport should be free from fear, bullying and intimidation

We will ensure that:


  • all children, young people, their families and other adults in Kensington and Chelsea are able to achieve their full potential in safe and healthy environments, and make a positive contribution
  • respect for self and others is actively promoted; that resilience is developed; and that children, young people and other adults who experience bullying behaviour are consistently supported
  • that all forms of bullying are effectively challenged and dealt with

Our aim is to tackle bullying in the community and work in partnership with schools and other settings to prevent and respond to incidents. We want to capture the most effective and innovative approaches, and provide information and strategies that help children and young people know what they should do, whom they should turn to and how they can help others who are being bullied.

We acknowledge that the success of our strategy will take time to impact on the lives of children and young people. We are confident that, by actively sharing and communicating our vision expressed in this document, and taking actions to embed it across all our services, we can make a substantial difference.

The strategic group will monitor the implementation of the strategy and ensure that all partners are aware of and working towards achieving our vision.