Commercial Waste Services

Special collections

A Special Collection is for the collection of unwanted, bulky items that we consider too big to go in a standard waste sack or a container.

The Council can collect such items from commercial premises at competitive prices.

What we can collect Items 'too big for the bin' include:

  • TV/DVD player
  • fridge/freezer (except commercial fridges)/dish washer/washing machine/microwave  
  • computer unit/monitor/printer
  • desk/table/chair/filing cabinet  
  • sofa/mattress/bed frame  

All electronic items must be separated at source and not placed in a bin or a sack.

Collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) can be organised. The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2007 provide that WEEE has to be treated in accordance with the requirements of article 6 of the WEEE Directive.

What we can't collect

  • builder's waste (any waste generated as a result of works undertaken by a tradesman)
  • asbestos (this type of waste must be collected by an official hazardous waste collector)
  • clinical waste
  • car parts
  • batteries
  • commercial fridges
  • fluorescent tube lighting of any kind, industrial lamps (mercury, sodium, tungsten)
  • vehicle tyres of any kind
  • vehicle or cooking oil
  • any gas containers
  • hazardous waste (such as: paint, chemical substances)

How to organise a special collection To request a quotation, please send a written request either by email:, or fax: 020 7341 5206, listing the following information:

  • quantity, dimensions and items description
  • invoicing and collection address
  • your account number if you are an RBKC Commercial Waste customer
  • any specific instruction

The charge applied will depend on the items, size, and volume.

Before you decide to use our special collection service, please consider re-use or recycle to reduce waste going to landfill.

You are under no obligation to use the special collection service the Council provides after receiving the quote. You can use a private contractor to collect and dispose of unwanted items.