Committees, agendas, and reports

Welcome to the Council's database of Committee papers (CMIS)

Here you will be able to find information on Cabinet and the various Committees and other Council forums on which our Councillors serve, and you can also browse agenda papers and minutes.

If you have an ongoing interest in the business of one or more Committees, or the Cabinet, it is possible to e-subscribe to agenda alerts.  Should you wish to take advantage of this service please email in the first instance.

Should you find you're unable to locate something you think ought to be available on this database, please contact one of the Governance Services Team - 020 7361 3950/3945 for anything in relation to Cabinet or Cabinet Member decisions; 020 7361 2477/2254/2947 for anything in relation to full Council, Planning or Licensing Committees.  For anything to do with the operation of the Council's Scrutiny Committees please call 020 7361 2634.

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