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27 Jul 2006 - 18:30 to 20:00
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  1. pdf Agenda (85Kb)
  2. pdf Minutes A (105Kb)
  3. Minutes AB
  4. pdf A04. Revenue and Capital Outturn (120Kb)
  5. pdf A04A. Appendix B1 (116Kb)
  6. pdf A04b. Appendix B2 (145Kb)
  7. pdf A04c. Appendix B3 (130Kb)
  8. pdf A04d. Appendix B4 (81Kb)
  9. pdf A04e. Appendix B5 (90Kb)
  10. pdf A05. Budget Monitoring (100Kb)
  11. pdf A05a. Budget Monitoring - Other Budgets (120Kb)
  12. pdf A05b. Budget Monitoring - TELS (121Kb)
  13. pdf A05c. Budget Monitoring - Planning and Conservation (99Kb)
  14. pdf A05d. Budget Monitoring - HHASC (164Kb)
  15. pdf A05e. Budget Monitoring - Family and Children's Services (117Kb)
  16. pdf A05f. Budget Monitoring - Corporate Services (112Kb)
  17. pdf A06. Medium Term Budget Prospects and Business Planning (201Kb)
  18. pdf A08. Capital Strategy (274Kb)
  19. pdf A09. Corporate Asset Management Plan 2006 (45Kb)
  20. pdf A09a. Corporate Asset Management Plan 2006 - Appendix (1672Kb)
  21. pdf A10. Customer Services Strategy (174Kb)
  22. pdf A10a. Customer Services Strategy - First Appendix (640Kb)
  23. pdf A10b. Customer Services Strategy - Second Appendix (98Kb)
  24. pdf A11. Lyons Inquiry - this agenda item was withdrawn (17Kb)
  25. pdf A12. PCT Funding for Section 28a and Section 31 Agreements (130Kb)
  26. pdf A13. Play Strategy (44Kb)
  27. pdf A13a. Play Strategy appendix (432Kb)
  28. pdf A14. LAC (53Kb)
  29. pdf A14a. LAC policy (76Kb)
  30. pdf A14b. LAC appendices (109Kb)
  31. pdf A14c. LAC map (601Kb)
  32. pdf A14d. LAC map (460Kb)
  33. pdf A14e. LAC map (351Kb)
  34. pdf A15. Holland Park School (60Kb)
  35. pdf A15a. Holland Park appendix (121Kb)
  36. pdf A15b. Holland Park maps (113Kb)
  37. pdf A16. CPO (75Kb)
  38. pdf A16a. Annex A (64Kb)
  39. pdf A16b. Pupil projections (49Kb)
  40. pdf A16c. Draft Admissions Policy (83Kb)
  41. pdf A17. Edenham (593Kb)
  42. pdf A18. Planning Delivery Grant (119Kb)
  43. pdf A19. Early Retirement Annual Report (148Kb)
  44. pdf A20. Local Government Pension Scheme Changes (117Kb)
  45. pdf A21. RBR of Env Health (92Kb)
  46. pdf A21a. OSC comments (31Kb)
  47. pdf A22. Albert Bridge - Traffic Restrictions (88Kb)
  48. pdf A23. Vital Messages (57Kb)
  49. pdf A23a. Appendix (132Kb)
  50. pdf A24. Vital Improvements (54Kb)
  51. pdf A24a. Appendix (480Kb)
  52. pdf A25. Vital Signs (42Kb)
  53. pdf A25a. Appendix (1291Kb)
  54. B01. Canalside House Development
  55. B02. Diversion of London Underground Cables, Tetcott Road, SW10


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