Meeting Details

Z. Historical Cabinet (Executive) 23 May 2013- 19 July 2017
24 Feb 2014 - 18:30 to 20:00


Meeting Documents

  1. pdf CAB2014-02-24-AGDA final (136Kb)
  2. pdf CAB2014-02-24-AGDA final (136Kb)
  3. pdf CAB2014-02-24-AGDA final (136Kb)
  4. pdf CAB2014-01-09-MINA (118Kb)
  5. pdf KD04156R Revenue Budget and Council Tax (931Kb)
  6. pdf KD04155R Capital Programme (359Kb)
  7. pdf KD04157R Budget proposals cover note (90Kb)
  8. pdf KD04161R Budget Monitoring overview (153Kb)
  9. pdf KD04203R Treasury Strategy 2014-15 (464Kb)
  10. pdf KD04044R Childcare Procurement Decision (787Kb)
  11. pdf KD04180R Development of a Dementia Resource Centre (217Kb)
  12. pdf KD04158R Police presence (464Kb)
  13. pdf KD04136R - 19 27 Young Street Hortensia Rd (147Kb)
  14. pdf KD04147R - Chelsea Creek Street Sweeper Depot and Salt Store (206Kb)
  15. pdf KD04164R - Lease of Isaac Newton Centre (150Kb)
  16. pdf KD04202R - Walnut Tree House (137Kb)
  17. pdf KD04201R - Dixon House New telecoms lettings (142Kb)
  18. pdf CAB2014-02-24-A17 Vital Improvements (332Kb)


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