Brexit - Kensington and Chelsea

Send us your questions and thoughts about the issues Brexit may cause for you, your business or your education.


For many decades now, thousands of people from European Union countries have made this borough their home. Today EU nationals make up more than a fifth of our residents and we recognise the vast contribution they have made to our borough and the whole of London.

We further recognise that our EU residents are concerned about their future rights following our exit from the EU and that they have a lot of questions about what is coming next.

However, we also know that this uncertainty is not limited to European Union residents. As an economic, cultural and educational hub for London, Kensington and Chelsea was and is inextricably tied to the European Union – our businesses, our universities and above all our communities have for decades enjoyed the close relationship between the UK and the EU.

Brexit understandably causes uncertainty and distress to our residents. Our aim has always been to ensure that anyone living, working or studying in Kensington and Chelsea has clarity over their future. As your local Council, we want to help.


Next Steps

This summer we asked you to send us your questions, your thoughts and what issues Brexit may cause for you, your business or your education.

We are now collating these responses to create a portfolio that we can present to the Prime Minister and HM Government with the aim of addressing issues our residents may face after Brexit.