Community Trigger

Antisocial behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person’s quality of life. The Community Trigger allows you to report persistent antisocial behaviour.

Use the Community Trigger if you have reported antisocial behaviour to the Council, Police and / or a registered housing provider (social landlord) three times about separate incidents in the last six months (with the most recent incident having occurred in the last month).

The Community Trigger cannot be used to report general acts of crime, including hate crime. It does not replace the complaints procedures of individual organisations, or your opportunity to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman or the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

You will need to give details of each time you’ve reported the antisocial behaviour including:

  • the organisation you reported it to
  • the name of person you spoke to
  • an Incident Reference Number (if applicable)
  • date reported
  • information about the incident

If you need help completing this form, please contact the Community Safety Team on the telephone number below.

To use the Community Trigger you can also write to us or call us:

Community Safety Team
Kensington Town Hall
Hornton Street
London W8 7NX

Tel: 020 7361 3000

Once you have asked for a Community Trigger, the Council will ask the agencies involved to provide details of your complaints and actions that they have considered and taken. These agencies will review the response you have received and make recommendations on how the problem can be resolved.

You will receive acknowledgement from the Council within two working days. Within ten working days the case will be reviewed by a panel of professionals from multiple agencies. Then within twelve working days you'll be informed of the outcome and a proposed action plan if applicable.

For more information email us at:

In the event of any further incident(s) occurring, call the police on 101.

Remember for all police emergencies call 999.