Community Policing

Information on community policing including police stations and contact points.

The Council has funded a team of police officers dedicated to the local community since November 2014. In the first four years the Council has invested over £5 million in this team which provides additional police resource in the borough. The Kensington and Chelsea Community Policing Team, as the unit is known, is currently made up of 30 constables, three sergeants and an inspector. Its role is to provide an additional visible uniformed presence in the borough and they tackle issues that affect local residents and businesses especially dealing with antisocial behaviour.

The Team is tasked by a joint police and Council management team led by a senior council officer. They work alongside Council colleagues in enforcing environmental health, noise and nuisance, trading standards and licensing issues. The officers are trained and authorised to enforce the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s byelaws when appropriate.

Between November 2014 and December 2017, the Team has successfully made over 2,100 arrests for offences of the most serious violent nature, robbery and burglary in addition to those more usually associated with antisocial behaviour such as criminal damage, alcohol related public order, sex worker carding, begging and breach of Criminal Behaviour Orders. In addition to these arrests the team has also successfully dealt with over 2,000 warnings and fixed penalty notices.

The police team provide a significant amount of intelligence gathering and community engagement through their regular patrolling as well as attending public events organised by organisations within the Safer Kensington and Chelsea Partnership to provide police safety advice to residents.

For more information about local policing visit the Metropolitan Police Service - Kensington and Chelsea webpage.

Police stations and contact points

The Royal Borough has two police stations and four Contact Points. For more information about locations and opening times visit the Metropolitan Police Service - Kensington and Chelsea webpage.

If a crime is taking place or anyone is in immediate danger always call 999.

If it is not an emergency or you would like to report any antisocial behaviour call the police on 101 (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week).

Kensington and Chelsea has 18 Safer Neighbourhoods Teams. They can be contacted by email and by phone: