The Prevent Strategy

The Prevent Strategy

“Safeguarding vulnerable people from radicalisation is no different from safeguarding them from other forms of harm”

Statement Prevent Advisory Group - 6 June  2017

Download and read the statement signed by sixteen community groups that are part of the Royal Borough and Hammersmith & Fulham Prevent Advisory Group.

Statement Prevent Advisory Group - 6 June 2017

Prevent is the Government’s strategy to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism, in all its forms. Prevent works with individuals and communities by using voluntary early intervention to encourage them to challenge extremist and terrorist ideology and behaviour.

  • Prevent is safeguarding. In the same way that support is provided to people at risk of involvement with drugs, gangs, or other forms of harm, individuals vulnerable to being groomed into radicalisation can also be helped.
  • Community engagement is essential. We work closely with local voluntary and community groups to co-deliver support.
  • Prevent seeks to increase understanding among frontline staff and community members. Whether through training or one of our events, encouraging discussion and debate is key to how we work.

Your local team

While Prevent is a national strategy, it is delivered by your local authority. We can provide tailored support to vulnerable residents that reflects the communities in which they live. Where safeguarding concerns are serious, support can be provided through Channel.

What is Channel?

Channel is a safeguarding panel which support Prevent. It is a confidential and voluntary process where safeguarding professionals meet to discuss support options which can be offered to vulnerable residents.

What is Prevent? What does it do?

  • Prevent is a confidential process. It offers a safe space where people can share their concerns about extremism and radicalisation and come up with solutions. Prevent is concerned with all forms of extremism, addressing vulnerabilities to radicalisation in all its forms. This includes the extreme far right, the extreme far left, groups such as Daesh, or any other form of extremist ideology.
  • Prevent is also a voluntary service, offering non-compulsory safeguarding support to vulnerable residents who have the final say about whether to accept support or not.
  • We constantly seek to promote discussion and debate, and organise events such as community Q&As, free training, and workshops/assemblies within schools.
  • We are also committed to providing support for those who want and need it, and we therefore ensure all referrals are genuine, appropriate, and managed sensitively. As a result, our support is tailored to each individual, providing various forms of free support such as mentoring, employment support, sporting activities, and discussions with faith leaders or credible ideological experts.

If you would like further information, have a query or concern, or want to receive Prevent training, please do not hesitate to contact your local team:


Telephone: 020 8753 5727
Twitter: @Prevent_HF_KC

For more information you can download:

Prevent information leaflet

Prevent Duty Guidance: for England and Wales [PDF] (file size 416Kb)

Channel Duty Guidance: Protecting vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism [PDF] (file size 541Kb)