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Sing to live Live to sing
Singing can help to improve breathing, relieve stress, develop core muscles and improve posture, as well as boosting confidence, encouraging a feeling of belonging, and improving overall wellbeing!

The arts and health programme “Sing to Live, Live to Sing” enables residents to take part in accessible and free weekly group singing workshops with a focus on movement and relaxation as well as learning to sing in a friendly environment.

There are 8 established groups split between north and south of the borough. Each of these groups is led by an experienced choir leader, and is supported by volunteers.

Your role as a volunteer supporting the programme will be to:

  • promote the workshops to the local community
  • encourage people to come and give it a go 
  • help run the workshops by setting up rooms and organising teas and coffees during the break
  • assist at performances, usually one per term

You'll also be a core member of the singing group, although no previous singing experience is required for either volunteers or participants! So if you would like to join in, sing your heart out and help others to do the same, then we'd love to hear from you!

Commitment: Flexible, Part-time