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Gifts and Hospitality Claims
Description Submitted Date Organisation Explanation Amount Status
Concert and dinner21/10/2016Terrapin CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Dinner at Conservative Party Conference21/10/2016Terrapin CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Reception21/10/2016Cadogan EstateNot knownAccepted

National Day Reception (to accompany Mayor)21/10/2016Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaNot knownAccepted

Reception21/10/2016Global Infrastructure PartnersNot knownAccepted

Dinner21/10/2016Transport for LondonNot knownAccepted

Dinner21/10/2016Terrapin CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Prom concert21/10/2016Erste BankNot knownAccepted

Drinks21/10/2016Sir Edward Lister, Homes and Communities AgencyNot knownAccepted

Dinner26/07/2016Park Place CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Party26/07/2016South Kensington & Queen's Gate Residents' AssociationNot knownAccepted

Party26/07/2016The Rt Hon Andrew and Mrs MitchellNot knownAccepted

Theatre performance and supper, Globe Theatre26/07/2016Mr and Mrs Iraj IspahaniNot knownAccepted

Dinner26/07/2016Gavin Devine, MHPNot knownAccepted

Reception for The Queen's Birthday26/07/2016Royal Hospital, ChelseaNot knownAccepted

Dinner26/07/2016Tower TransitNot knownAccepted

Concert at Barbican and dinner26/07/2016Terrapin CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Dinner08/04/2016Gavin Devine - MHPNot knownAccepted

Drinks and Canapés08/04/2016GrosvenorNot knownAccepted

Reception08/04/2016Transport Museum Annual Corporate Members 25 years celebrationNot knownAccepted

Private Viewing08/04/2016Barbican Art Centre Members ViewingNot knownDeclined

Dinner26/02/2016Peter BingleNot knownAccepted

Party26/02/2016Dick Tracey's RetirementNot knownAccepted

Dinner/Speech26/02/2016London GovernmentNot knownAccepted

Dinner26/02/2016Sir Peter HendyNot knownAccepted

Private viewing26/02/2016The Luminous X Canary WharfNot knownAccepted

Drinks19/01/2016Mayor of London's Christmas DrinksNot knownAccepted

Dinner19/01/2016Mike Brown (Commissioner TfL)Not knownAccepted

Drinks19/01/2016Heritage of London TrustNot knownAccepted

Reception07/12/2015BechtelNot knownAccepted

Drinks07/12/2015Mr Gavin Devine, MHPNot knownAccepted

Private Viewing07/12/2015London Transport MuseumNot knownAccepted

Event07/12/2015TFL - Art on the UndergroundNot knownAccepted

Dinner and Drinks07/12/2015Crossrail LimitedNot knownAccepted

Reception07/12/2015Chartered Architects CompanyNot knownAccepted

Leaving Drinks30/10/2015Steven Allen, TfLNot knownAccepted

Leaving Party30/10/2015Sir Peter HendyNot knownAccepted

Reception30/10/2015The Progress 1000: London's most influential people 2015Not knownAccepted

Summer Reception17/08/2015Media Summer Reception Mayor of LondonNot knownAccepted

VIP Dinner17/08/2015London Festival of ArchitectureNot knownAccepted

Reception17/08/2015London Government Reception Mayor of LondonNot knownAccepted

Party17/08/2015C|T|F Summer PartyNot knownAccepted

Reception17/08/2015London Essays Launch/CapCoNot knownAccepted

Dinner16/07/2015TfL and PwC Crossrail 2Not knownAccepted

Drinks and Dinner16/07/2015Crossrail Board Away DayNot knownAccepted

Leaving Party16/07/2015Paul Morse LeavingNot knownAccepted

Drinks09/06/2015Sir Murdo MacleanNot knownAccepted

Reception09/06/2015Deputy Mayor & Deputy Mayoress end of termNot knownAccepted

Reception09/06/2015Mark the conclusion of their Mayoral YearNot knownAccepted

Annual Dinner09/06/2015British Tunneling Society - SkanskaNot knownAccepted

Reception09/06/2015McKinsey Anniversary Not knownAccepted

Party06/05/2015Harrods Estates opening of Kensington officeNot knownAccepted

Event06/05/2015CR2 safeguarding celebrations - TfLNot knownAccepted

Private viewing Exhibition06/05/2015Celebrate the opening of NLA's 10th Anniversary exhibitionNot knownAccepted

Commemorative function06/05/2015To observe the 36th anniversary of martydom of their grandfather Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali BhuttoNot knownAccepted

Dinner06/05/2015The Londoners Dinner Evening with the Museum of LondonNot knownAccepted

Dinner02/04/2015Executive Director of Planning Recruitment DinnerNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement09/03/2015Construction News briefing clubNot knownAccepted

Reception09/03/2015Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Diplomatic ReceptionNot knownDeclined

Breakfast09/03/2015When Business and Politics collideNot knownAccepted

Dinner09/03/2015Sir Peter HendyNot knownAccepted

Drinks Reception20/02/2015Property Development Drinks Reception TFLNot knownAccepted

Dinner20/02/2015The London GovernmentNot knownAccepted

Late Lunch20/02/2015With Sir Terry and Lady FarrellNot knownAccepted

Dinner12/12/2014Museum of LondonNot knownAccepted

Dinner, Conservative Party Conference06/10/2014Roundtable Dinner hosted by the ABTA, Airport Operators Association (AOA), and Sustainable AviationNot knownAccepted

Reception and two concert tickets06/10/2014Barbican Hall – Joyce DiDonato Not knownAccepted

Private View - Photography06/10/2014Royal Institute of British Architects Not knownAccepted

Drinks reception & dinner06/10/2014The Museum of LondonNot knownAccepted

Dinner 01/08/2014With Andrew Pierce, Daily MailNot knownAccepted

Drinks 01/08/2014Invitation to Summer Drinks with Boris Johnson, Mayor of LondonNot knownAccepted

Drinks reception and dinner in Brussels01/08/2014ERA Presidents Summit Not knownAccepted

London Festival of Architecture Tour, Reception & Dinner01/08/2014London Festival of ArchitectureNot knownAccepted

Reception07/07/2014Year of the Bus stakeholders Not knownAccepted

Garden Party 07/07/2014Friends of Leighton House Not knownAccepted

Drinks 07/07/2014Roger and JohannaNot knownAccepted

Reception04/06/2014London Festival of Architecture 2014 Launch Party – The ShardNot knownAccepted

To discuss over breakfast - "The Centre for London this week launched an important new paper on the future of London. It has been met with widespread acclaim by policy-makers, planners and commentator04/06/2014Centre for London/Capco breakfastNot knownAccepted

Book Launch 04/06/2014Black Rainbow Book Launch (Rachel Kelly's memoir)Not knownAccepted

Drink with Peter Bingle14/05/2014Terrapin CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Dinner with Gavin Devine 14/05/2014MHPNot knownAccepted

Drinks04/04/2014Leon Mannings, Motorcycle Action GroupNot knownAccepted

Dinner04/04/2014Transport for London (TfL) Commissioner Sir Peter HendyNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement and dinner04/04/2014CIHT Greater London Branch dinnerNot knownAccepted

Refreshments03/03/2014Architects' JournalNot knownAccepted

Drinks03/03/2014Leon Daniels, TFLNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement - drinks reception03/03/2014Queens Gate WardNot knownAccepted

Breakfast debate10/02/2014London Transport MuseumNot knownAccepted

London Government Dinner10/02/2014Corporation of LondonNot knownAccepted

Lunch party10/02/2014Sir Terry and Lady FarrellNot knownAccepted

Reception for Crossrail Arts Programme10/02/2014Corporation of LondonNot knownAccepted

Drinks10/02/2014Stephen D'Alfonso, ABTANot knownAccepted

Christmas Drinks15/01/2014Nicholas Holgate,CEO RBKCNot knownAccepted

Christmas Reception15/01/2014Mayor of Kensington and ChelseaNot knownAccepted

Evening reception honouring Sir Peter Hall15/01/2014Centre for London Not knownAccepted

Reception to Celebrate 60th Birthday15/01/2014Robert AtkinsonNot knownAccepted

Christmas Party15/01/2014Sebastain and Rachel GriggNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement - refreshments04/12/2013Insight PANot knownAccepted

Drinks and theatre04/12/2013Terrapin Communications - Peter BingleNot knownAccepted

Travel to Nice, hotel room and breakfast (speaking engagement)04/12/2013Global Airport Development (conference)Not knownAccepted

Breakfast04/12/2013Simon Linnett - RothschildNot knownAccepted

Breakfast04/11/2013News UKNot knownAccepted

Dinner04/11/2013Rt. Hon Nick Brown MP/Mariinsky TrustNot knownAccepted

Coffee04/11/2013Tim Donovan, BBCNot knownAccepted

40th anniversary party04/11/2013LBCNot knownAccepted

Reception for the opening of the Freeman Suite04/11/2013RBKCNot knownAccepted

Dinner(at the Conservative Party Conference)04/10/2013Weber ShandwickNot knownAccepted

Reception (at the Conservative Party Conference)04/10/2013MHPNot knownAccepted

Reception (at the Conservative Party Conference)04/10/2013Westbourne CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Power 1000 party04/10/2013Evening StandardNot knownAccepted

Street party04/10/2013Kensington Court Resident's AssociationNot knownAccepted

Dinner party06/09/2013Cllr. Mrs. Malcolm RutherfordNot knownAccepted

Prom + dinner06/09/2013Peter Bingle, Terrapin CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Drinks06/09/2013Patricia Brown, CentralNot knownAccepted

Drinks06/09/2013Stephen D'Alfonsa, ABTANot knownAccepted

Drinks07/08/2013Fortitude PartnersNot knownAccepted

Lunch07/08/2013MSQ PartnersNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagemeny - refreshments07/08/2013Weber ShandwickNot knownAccepted

Sandwich lunch (Leaders' Congress)07/08/2013London CouncilsNot knownAccepted

Private view07/08/2013Victoria and Albert museumNot knownDeclined

Drinks07/08/2013David Prout, DfTNot knownAccepted

Private View07/08/2013The Canary Wharf GroupNot knownDeclined

Speaking engagement - refreshments04/07/2013CIPFA LondonNot knownAccepted

Panel debate - refreshments and supper04/07/2013Institute of IdeasNot knownAccepted

Drinks04/07/2013Guto Harri, News InternationalNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement - breakfast04/07/2013MHP CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Launch party04/07/2013Centre for LondonNot knownAccepted

Private view04/07/2013The Serpentine GalleryNot knownAccepted

Party04/07/2013Mr. and Mrs. Roger ParryNot knownAccepted

Private film showing, refreshments11/06/2013Harrods/Countess SpencerNot knownAccepted

Aviation seminar - refreshments11/06/2013The British Private Equity and Venture Capital AssociationNot knownAccepted

Mayor's reception for uniformed youth services11/06/2013RBKCNot knownAccepted

Mayor's end of term reception - drinks11/06/2013RBKCNot knownAccepted

Refreshments (event)01/05/2013London Transport Museum/Eversheds/ThalesNot knownAccepted

Pre-meeting drinks01/05/2013Kensington Court Resident's AssociationNot knownAccepted

AGM and supper03/04/2013Victoria Road Area Resident's AssociationNot knownAccepted

Launch of the Crossrail art programme03/04/2013CrossrailNot knownAccepted

Retirement party03/04/2013Neil Herbert, RBKCNot knownAccepted

Drinks03/04/2013David Prout, DfTNot knownAccepted

Theatre party03/04/2013Terrapin CommunicationsNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement02/04/2013Kent Federation of Amenity SocietiesNot knownAccepted

Launch of Prof David Begg's London Transport Report02/04/2013Transport TimesNot knownAccepted

Thought Leadership Forum (aviation) and breakfast02/04/2013LT MuseumNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement and supper02/04/2013London Forum of Amenity and Civic SocietiesNot knownAccepted

Birthday party02/04/2013David ChaplinNot knownAccepted

Drinks and dinner02/04/2013Anne-Marie Barcia, Anne Cooper, Roger RobertsNot knownAccepted

Event ticket, EcoBuild02/04/2013RIBA/Mrs. Angela BradyNot knownAccepted

Drinks07/03/2013Stephen D'Alfonso, ABTANot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement - refreshments07/03/2013London FirstNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement - refreshments07/03/2013Urban Design GroupNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement - lunch07/03/2013KCFC ConservativesNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement - refreshments07/03/2013BAR UKNot knownAccepted

Speaking engagement - refreshments07/03/2013World Architecture NewsNot knownAccepted

Sandwich lunch07/03/2013Canary Wharf GroupNot knownAccepted

VIP launch to celebrate 150th anniversary of London Underground31/01/2013London Transport MuseumNot knownAccepted

Drinks with David Chaplin31/01/2013MHPNot knownAccepted

Lunch (speaking engagement)31/01/2013Institute of Economic AffairsNot knownAccepted

Breakfast (speaking engagement)31/01/2013EMAPNot knownAccepted

Christmas drinks09/01/2013The Mayor of LondonNot knownAccepted

Aviation breakfast forum09/01/2013New London ArchitectureNot knownAccepted

25th anniversary reception09/01/2013Docklands Light Railway (TFL)Not knownAccepted

These declarations are from January 27th, 2011. Earlier declarations of gifts and hospitality are available by contacting Governance Services via

Accepted: Gifts / Hospitality accepted by the Councillor
Declined: Gifts / Hospitality declined by the Councillor