COVID-19: Grenfell Response and Recovery

Information and support with Grenfell Response and Recovery

Re-wrapping of Grenfell Tower

In response to Government advice on the Covid-19 pandemic, MHCLG has paused the re-wrapping of Grenfell Tower to avoid non-essential staff going on-site or using public transport. The re-wrapping progressed well in March, and the remaining ‘older’ wrapping on the lower floors is in good condition. MHCLG do not believe pausing re-wrapping is a cause for concern.

Environmental checks of the air and soil around Grenfell Tower MHCLG were undertaking environmental checks around the Grenfell Tower site. The checks are a two-stage programme investigating possible land contamination around the site and identify any potential risk to health. Stage 1 found that levels of chemicals in the soil with those generally found in London. Additionally, MHCLG has been undertaking air quality monitoring since June 2017 and hasn’t found any cause for concern.

These processes are being reviewed to identify when they can safely continue this monitoring in response to advice surrounding Covid-19 from the Government.

Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission

Community events to discuss a Grenfell Tower Memorial were underway in February 2020, this work will continue safely during this period. Those looking to find out more can do so by contacting the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission by email or by phone 0303 444 4831.

Garage access around Grenfell Tower

Garage access from Grenfell Road, Testerton Road and Hurstway Road will be restricted for vehicles until further notice. Garages outside of the site cordon on Testerton Road and Hurstway Road can still be accessed by foot. If this restriction affects you, the site team can provide more information.

Information and support
For the site management team, email or call 0303 444 0011.

For the environmental checks team, email or call 0303 444 9086

If you’re anxious or need to talk to someone about an issue related to Grenfell, call the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service on 020 8637 6279 or email