How the Council works

Information about how the council works including how we make decisions, our performance, how the Council is organised, the mayor and civic events, roles in the Council, Consultations, Petitions, and the Constitution.

About the Council

Roles and responsibilities

  • Our Mayor

    Each year the Council elects a councillor to serve as Mayor for twelve months. The Mayor does not take any active political part in the Council's affairs but does chair meetings of the Council.

  • Our Council Leader

    Councillor Elizabeth Campbell is the Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

  • Leadership Team

    Information about the leadership team and their areas of responsibility.

  • Councillors

    Information on our councillors, expenses, finding your councillor and more

  • Councillors and committees

    Information about Councillors and Committee agendas, reports and papers, including meeting dates and calendars.

  • The Council’s management structure

    Information on the Council’s management team and structure.

Consultations and petitions

  • Current consultations

    Find out what public consultation the Council is currently undertaking or has planned, plus details on how you could get involved. You can also find completed consultations, including their results and outcomes.

  • Petitions

    Petitions have long been an important way for people to voice their concerns and seek to influence decisions and the Council welcomes all submissions both traditional paper form and now, in our new e-petitions facility, electronically.

Mayoral Services

  • The Mayor's biography

    Information on the Mayor for 2018-19, Councillor Marie-Therese Rossi.

  • The role of Mayor

    Information about the role of the Mayor who serves as the Royal Borough's ceremonial and civic head.

  • Mayor's Awards

    How to nominate someone for the Mayor's Awards plus last year's winners.

  • Past Mayors

    Information on previous mayors of the Royal Borough since 1965.

  • Coat of Arms

    Information on the Council's coat of arms. ‘Quam Bonum In Unum Habitare’ translates to ‘What a good thing it is to dwell together in unity’.

  • Deputy Mayor

    Information on the Deputy Mayor for 2018-19, Councillor Mohammed Bakhtiar.