Make a nomination for the Mayor's Awards

How to make a nomination

Please read this guide before you make your nomination.

We will treat your information as confidential. However, we may include parts in the citation and certificate we present to successful nominees. For more information telephone, 020 7361 2431 or email:

The closing date for nominations is Friday 31 January 2020.

About the person you nominate


  • do not have to live in the borough
  • can be working or volunteering in the borough

  • can have lived here in the past - you are nominating them for the contribution they made to borough life at that time

  • have not have received a national honour for the work you are nominating them for, although they may have received an honour for something else

  • must be alive - there are no posthumous awards

About the nomination process

  •  All nominations are carefully considered. 
  • The Mayor appoints a panel to consider all nominations and recommend winners.

  • We will not release the names of panel members.

  • We do not discuss individual recommendations or the Mayor’s decisions.

After you have made your nomination Once you have sent us your nomination, the Mayor's panel will review it.

If the nomination is successful, we aim to tell you and the person you are nominating within two weeks of the closing date.

Six steps to putting someone forward for an award 

Step 1
Tell us your name and how we can get in touch with you.

Step 2
Tell us the name and address of the person you want to nominate. 

Step 3
Tell us why you think this person deserves an award. 

  • Explain clearly what they have done that makes them stand out against others. 
  • Provide as much information as possible. We expect 250 or more words, but there is no limit. 
  • We are looking for outstanding service to others, paid or unpaid. ​Include details of what the person does and why you think they should receive an award. Tell us how you know them.

Step 4
Tell us how long they have been doing the work that you are nominating them for.

Step 5
You need to show there is support for your nomination.

  • Attach the names, contact details and supporting documentation from people who agree with you about your nominee.
  • You can include letters and/or emails as Word documents or PDFs. Attach these to the online form or print them out and include them in your postal application. Provide at least three people, but no more than five, who support your nomination. 
  • Make sure all attached correspondence shows the contact details of the sender, so that we can contact them if we need to.

Step 6
Submit the online form or sign and date the Word document by Friday 31 January 2020, to this address: The Senior Civic Officer to the Mayor, The Town Hall, Hornton Street, Kensington, W8 7NX.

For further information: