Our performance

The Royal Borough has a track record of being a well-run, high performing authority, and is committed to achieving continuous and measurable improvements in its service delivery.

The Service Improvement Team (part of the Policy and Partnerships Unit led by the Director of Strategy and Local Services) seeks to ensure that the Council plans well, understands how well it is performing and is transparent and accountable to its residents. The team leads on:

Continuous improvement, including:

  •  Vital Improvements - the Council's key improvement programmes, projects and initiatives
  •  Public Trust and Transparency - improving accountability to local residents
  •  Self-improvement initiatives, such as internal customer sensitivity peer reviews

Monitoring and managing performance:

The team works with colleagues across the Council to deliver fair and effective corporate systems, producing key corporate performance reports for Councillors, managers and the public, including:

Equality and diversity:

The Team also provides advice and guidance to help services fulfil their legal responsibilities to eliminate discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and foster good community relations.  

If you would like further information about any of the information above, please contact the Service Improvement Team.