Al-Manaar and the role that it plays in our community

Speaker: Tabassum Awan 

As Lead Member for Communities, I wanted to respond directly to you about the work of Al-Manaar and the role that it plays in our community.

Our community will always be grateful for the unconditional support and comfort that Al-Manaar gave to everyone in the immediate aftermath of the disaster at Grenfell and since those early days.  The Council absolutely recognises and values all of the work the mosque does and how it brings people together. I will support you, Mr Sayed and everyone in Al-Manaar.  I will also keep in close contact with Kim Taylor-Smith, Lead Member for Grenfell, Housing and Property regarding the plans for the land. In the meantime, I look forward to working with you closely as a fellow Trustee at the Westway Trust, a neighbour and partner of Al-Manaar.

Al-Manaar Mosque and Community Centre

Speaker: Abdurahman Sayed

This is in regard to the plot of land at Acklam Road, opposite Al-Manaar Mosque and Community Centre. This plot of land was agreed by the full cabinet of RBKC to be leased to Al-Manaar/The MCHC Trust over 10 years ago. The community still believes and needs to use the land for the original purpose - to sustain Al-Manaar's services to the community.

Thank you for attending the full council meeting, this council fully supports of the important work that is undertaking by the Al-Manaar, I know that we have previously discussed ways in which we can work together. As and borough we need to address the acute lack of social housing stock, this is a priority for the council, it is proposed that this site with support from the Greater London Authority will be developed for both community use and the provision of new much needed affordable homes.

We have been and continue to engage and consult the community on this project and two consultation events have already taken place in respect of the site, we are also specifically consulting key stakeholders, including Al Manaar, in respect of potential opportunities. I do believe that we can work collaboratively with the Al-Manaar going forward. I am of course happy to meet with you.

Asset of Community Value (ACV) for Lansdowne Walk

Speaker: Eve Allison speaking on behalf of Denise Neilson

We wish to speak to Council having presented a petition asking for an AVC to be awarded to properties in Lansdowne Walk.

Many thanks for your question to Full Council, which raised a very serious and very moving issue in Norland ward. I recognise that there are some concerns that the Sheppard Trust may be vacating their premises in Lansdowne Walk and may be looking to redevelop those sites that do not provide similar services to the trust.

We have not received a formal request to nominate the site as an ACV, which would need to be undertaken by a qualifying community group. As I indicated to you in my response at Full Council, however, the Asset of Community Value (ACV) Regulations are clear that residential uses are excluded from ACV listing, so we do not anticipate that such a request would bring about the positive resolution we all want. As a housing association tenant, myself, I want to work to help find a workable solution. To that end, I will look into the matter further and am happy to meet with you and residents of the trust in order to find a solution to this issue.