Community led housing

Ms Elizabeth Spring asked how the Council can help support residents of all income brackets into co-production of community led housing

Reply by Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith; Deputy Leader, Lead Member for Grenfell, Housing and Property

As I mentioned at the meeting, we would be more than willing to invest in community led housing schemes, especially if the scheme would provide on-site mixed tenure and utilise land not already owned by the Council. I met Jonathan Rosenberg at WECH in Westminster and I think that model offers a great alternative to the private/council homes model that our current new build programme is starting with.

In regards to the logistics in order to make it happen, Cllr Mason recommended the Council’s City Living Local Life scheme in his response. I would completely agree with him; the scheme was put together to support community projects like this and whilst the decision would need to be made by your ward Councillors, I know that there are councillors who would support such a scheme. Further details can be found on the City Living, Local Life web pages.