Council staff recruitment and performance appraisal

Response to question about Council staff recruitment and performance appraisal, raised at Full Council Meeting on 17 October 2018

Council staff recruitment and performance appraisal

Question by Claire Simmons

Claire Simmons spoke at the Council meeting on 17 October 2018 about recruitment and performance appraisal for Council officers.

It is not appropriate for the Council to comment on individual members of staff. Generally as a Council we recruit through open competition based on merit, however, some of the staff working on the Grenfell response were seconded to the Council under London Gold arrangements. Urgent recruitment took place in July and August 2017 as additional staff were needed to support the response. The Council used recruitment agencies to fill some posts, as well as seconding staff from other London Boroughs given the urgency of the matter.

The Council has clear HR policies and procedures relating to recruitment/induction and a performance framework which is applicable to all staff. The Council recently put in place a new set of organisational values, these have been developed by staff and are in line with the 12 principles of good governance, which underpin our approach.