Full Council Meeting Responses - 18 July 2018

Council Tax

Question asked by Isis Amlak

57.2 per cent of households pay the full Council Tax charge. This breaks down by ward as follows:

WardNumber of households in the ward paying full charge% of households in the ward paying full charge
Brompton and Hans Town5,4176.1
Chelsea Riverside2,2892.6
Earl's Court2,9623.3
Notting Dale1,4221.6
Queen's Gate3,7194.2
Royal Hospital3,9444.4
St Helen's1,5031.7

There are various reasons why Council Tax would not be paid in full. These include:

  • Council Tax Reduction Scheme: each Council sets its own scheme. This Council’s scheme is the most generous possible: a discount of up to 100 per cent can be applied, depending on the individual’s personal and financial circumstances.
  • Single Person Discount - this applies at the sole or main residence of a single person. For the purposes of deciding whether this discount applies, certain people living at the residence, who are not required to pay council tax are disregarded – such as students, people in hospital and residential homes, people with residential and nursing homes, people who are severely mentally impaired, convicted prisoners and those on remand, care workers on low pay and usually working for charity, people caring for someone with a disability other than a spouse, partner or child
  • Empty properties owned by a charity
  • Student hall of residence
  • Occupied by diplomats
  • Occupied by Ministry of Defence Barracks or visiting forces
    (note that some people are eligible to more than one discount).

By offering this range of exemptions, disregards and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, the Council’s potential income from Council Tax is reduced by 20 per cent each year.

Last updated: 29 November 2019