Full Council Meeting Responses - 23 January 2019

Electric vehicle charging points

Response to question on Electric Vehicle Charging Points, raised at Full Council on 23 January 2019

Electric Vehicles Charging Points

Comments by Delphine Canard-Moreau

The Council is committed to taking action on reducing the impact of air pollution and climate change in the Borough and developed an integrated Air Quality and Climate Change Policy and Action Plan, with public health at the core, which will help it and the community address the issues more effectively. As part of this plan, we are keen to enable more of our residents to switch from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric cars to reduce local air pollution and emission of greenhouse gases. We also need to adapt to rapidly changing battery and charging technologies.

There is planned an improvement in the Source London network of on-street charging points to expand from 15 points to over 40 – and half of those new points will offer much faster charging at a rate of 22kWh (compared to the standard 7kWh rate). We think that this will greatly improve our offer to residents and address the specific point raised by Mrs Canard Moreau at the Council meeting.

Additionally, there are around 60 electric vehicle charging sockets in our lamp columns, and we plan to increase this number significantly by this spring. This will greatly increase the density of our electric vehicle charging network, and provide residents with more choice.

Finally, officers are identifying sites that might be suitable for a number of rapid (50kWh) chargers, which allow vehicles to recharge in a short period of time – again offering electric vehicle owners an additional option.

Our aim is to achieve substantial coverage of charging points within 200m across the borough.

Last updated: 29 November 2019