Full Council Meeting Responses - 23 January 2019

Noise and nuisance complaint

Response to question on the Tesco on North Pole Road, raised at Full Council on 23 January 2019

Noise and nuisance complaint

Enforcement Officers have responded quickly and, as part of monitoring the complaint, have inspected the premises on North Pole Road and determined that there are no significant restrictions to pedestrian users. However, I would like to stress that I will ensure Officers will continue to monitor this to guarantee that the premises remains compliant with requirement to maintain safe and clear pedestrian ways.

Following the receipt of complaints regarding noise and idling engines in the early morning, reactive and proactive visits have been made to the store and its surrounding area, but on no occasion has a noisy delivery been witnessed. Meetings have also been had with the store manager and the Noise and Nuisance Service has engaged with Tesco Head Office to ensure that the store and customers are considerate. Enforcement officers and the Noise and Nuisance Service will continue to actively monitor this issue, to ensure that the store is complaint with statutory nuisance guidelines and I can assure that appropriate action will be taken if the store is in breach.

We will ask officers to distribute copies of the anti-vehicle idling leaflets to the Tesco to ensure that they are fully aware of the policy and ensure that they are considerate to neighbours.

Also, Councillor Pascall committed at the meeting to arrange a site visit, with you, to the North Pole Road Tesco to understand the issue greater and to assure ourselves that the site is within compliance. We will also ask that the manager of the Tesco to contact Mr Karim regarding his concerns and we will follow up with a written response.

Last updated: 29 November 2019