Full Council Meeting Responses

Information related to questions asked at Full Council Meetings.

Public speaking at Full Council meetings

Ten public speaking slots are reserved for the people who live and work in the borough at the beginning of each Full Council meeting. Those who speak are provided a written response to their question(s) within 10 working days. The information on this page is a summary of Full Council Meeting responses to residents organised under common themes: the responses were accurate at the time of the response, and links to further information are given where possible. Where clarification has been required, meetings with the people raising the issue have been arranged.

For Full Council Meeting details and documents visit the Meetings page.

For details about how to speak at an upcoming meeting visit the Speak at a Full Council Meeting page.

To watch live broadcasts and recordings of Full Council Meetings visit the Council Meeting Webcasts page. We are sorry that there is a gap in the coverage of the Council meeting on 17 October 2018.  This was caused by a technical fault on the night.

Summary of responses

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