Grenfell Tower tragedy response

Questions and comments made by Claire Simmons, Bellal El-Guenuni, Sid Ali and Kimiya Zabihyan

As Cllr Campbell said at the Council meeting on 20 June, the Council must continue to show it is listening and changing. Officers’ regular meetings with Grenfell United help us to understand the needs of survivors and the bereaved and to improve our communications. We work closely with NHS services to ensure their services are joined up closely with the services the Council provides. 

In the aftermath of the fire, support was put in place to respond to urgent needs. The Council is working closely with representatives of survivors and the bereaved to design support for the longer-term. We recognise that our approach must be as flexible as possible to meet people’s individual needs and will work closely with our partners to do this. 

On 25 July the Leadership Team agreed a draft set of longer-term commitments as a basis for continuing ongoing work with survivors and the bereaved and for beginning a wider conversation with the local community about the future. A programme of engagement activity is already underway with a wide range of community groups in preparation for wider consultation, and the paper agreed by the Leadership Team set out plans for further consultation of key groups