Grenfell Tower tragedy response - rehousing

Question asked by Isis Amlak

The Council introduced two new housing policies in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy. The ‘Grenfell Rehousing Policy’, adopted in August 2017 and revised in November 2017, sets out the Council’s approach to rehousing survivors from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk.

Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy

The Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy adopted in February 2018, offers a route to permanent accommodation for tenants of the Walkways, Bramley House and Treadgold House who feel unable to return to or remain in their homes on the Lancaster West Estate. The Council also has existing policies to allow it to support vulnerable residents in need of rehousing, although the supply of social housing in the borough is limited, so priority has to go to those most in need.

We have invested £235 million in acquiring more than 300 properties for the 204 households from Grenfell Tower and Walk, who lost their homes in the tragedy. This has meant that there has been no overall reduction in the stock of social housing in the borough. Our Choice-Based Lettings system reopened in March to enable other residents on the housing waiting list to express an interest in available properties. We are now making some of the 300 properties which have not been chosen by people from the Tower and Walk available to people on the waiting list.