Delivering the plan

Delivering the plan

Publication of this Council Plan is just the start of a continuous process of engagement with residents, communities and our partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors on delivering our shared priorities for the borough.

It will give structure, context and direction to what every Council team and member of staff does. Our aim has been to make it as clear and straightforward as possible, so that we are transparent and accountable for what we are doing.

As the Council Plan is set at a strategic level, it will be supported by directorate business and delivery plans, which will set out in greater detail how the priorities will be delivered. We are developing a comprehensive performance management framework, including indicators of corporate and community health and milestones and outcome measures to demonstrate delivery of our priorities and change at the Council.

Despite the financial challenges that this Council faces, we still want to invest in our borough and in the things that really matter to our residents. So, over the next three years the Council will spend £355 million of capital on homes, transport, the environment and education.

  • £175 million of capital on education, transport and environmental schemes.
  • £180 million of capital on the homes the Council rents and leases to families.