Our priorities

Our priorities

Blending what residents have told us is most important to them with the political commitments of the majority group on the Council and evidence of what communities need, we have developed three cross-cutting themes and five priority areas.

Cross-cutting themesPriorities

Community involvement: Local people want to be involved in policy development and service users rightly expect to be part of service development. We will engage openly with our residents and service users, seeking to capture all points of view to make better informed decisions. We will use the talents and skills within our communities to co-design and commission better services.

Grenfell recovery


A great place to live, work and learn

Narrowing the gap: we will improve outcomes for our residents, with a focus on narrowing the gap between different communities, and seek to ensure that individuals have equal opportunity to fulfil their potential. This means people having equal access to jobs, housing, education, employment, health and social care services.

Supporting and safeguarding vulnerable residents


Healthy, clean and safe

Prevention and early intervention: by focusing on prevention and early intervention, particularly in adults’ and children’s services, we can find better value for money solutions that promote people’s wellbeing and go beyond 'crisis management'. We will ensure the health and social care needs of the whole community are being addressed now and in the future, for adults, children and families.

A place of culture to visit and explore