Mayoral protocol

Mayoral protocol 

The elected Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the first citizen of the borough and by law has precedence everywhere in the borough (unless there is a member of the Royal Family or the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London also present).

These guidelines set out the protocol that must be observed at events which the Mayor attends in an official capacity. The Mayor is unable to accept an invitation where the organisation feels, for whatever reason, unable to accept this procedure. If the Mayor decides to attend a function in a private capacity, they would be without regalia of office and they would be treated as any other private individual.

How to address the Mayor

In printed literature, the Mayor should be referred to as 'The Worshipful the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Councillor Gerard Hargreaves'. In person, the Mayor should be addressed as Mr Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor

If the Mayor is unable to attend a function the Deputy Mayor will attend where possible and should be accorded the same protocol as the Mayor. The Deputy Mayor should, therefore, be referred to on paper as 'The Worshipful the Deputy Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Councillor Sof McVeigh' and in person as Madam Deputy Mayor.

Arrival and departure

The organiser must ensure that a named person meets the Mayor on arrival and makes introductions to the host or notable guests. The organiser should also ensure that the Mayor is escorted from the venue to the mayoral car at the time of departure. Where possible, a parking space should be reserved for the Mayor’s car as near to the venue entrance as possible.

Charity functions

The Mayor is willing, whenever possible, to open bazaars, sales of work and other events in aid of charity. The Mayor should not, however, be asked to open on the second day (if any) unless the first day of the event is to be opened by a member of the Royal Family or the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London.

Table seating

The Mayor should be placed to the immediate right of the Chair or person presiding, unless the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London is present, in which case the Mayor should be on the immediate left of the Chair.

Toasts and speeches

If you wish the Mayor to propose or respond to a toast or to make a speech prior notice must be given and further details should be supplied on the appointment booking form.

A toast of the borough should follow the Queen but should it be omitted it is usual for the Mayor to propose or respond to the toast immediately after the Loyal Toast.

Church services

The Mayor should be met at the entrance to the church and conducted to the front right hand pew. (At funeral services it is normal for family mourners to occupy the front right hand pew and for the mayoral party to take the left). It is courteous for the congregation to rise at the Mayor’s entry and departure.

Visits to schools or meetings

Where appropriate the assembly should rise upon the Mayor’s entrance and again on the departure.