Summary of the Listening Forum of 20 November 2018 Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

A summary of the issues raised and questions asked at the Listening Forum held on 20 November 2018 Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended this Listening Forum. 

Approximately 20 people came to the event to share their thoughts and ask questions of our Leadership Team. Local ward councillors and police officers also attended.

The key questions and issues raised included: 

Many residential roads have become shortcuts, with speeding posing real dangers. Will the Council take steps to control traffic speeds and incentivise electric car use through more charging points?

The Council is aware this is a problem in many parts of the Borough and is willing to look at tackling speeding through various traffic control measures. It has already increased the number of electric charging points but is willing to look at the need for more.

What more can be done to tackle drug dealing?  

The Police at the meeting stressed that they react to all intelligence received from the public, if necessary by changing shifts and bringing in additional resources. Residents should email Daniel Coggan at the Met Police or call non-emergency police on 101 or call Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 with information.

What more can the Council do to tackle the problem of dog fouling?

This is a problem in many areas of the Borough and the provision of more dog bins is an option. The Council reminds people that it is possible to use normal street bins.

Can the Council do more to raise environmental awareness, e.g. plastic recycling and water fountains?

The Council is taking steps itself to reduce single-use plastic at the Council and will happily consider all suggestions for measures to improve recycling rates.

Can the Council do anything to maintain diverse ‘shopping ‘parades’ and incentivise local entrepreneurialism? 

The Council’s ability to influence the mix of local retail is limited but we can grant business rate relief in some circumstances and is discussing ‘bookending’ some shopping parades as a way of revitalising them. In relation to entrepreneurialism, the Council is aware of local talent and is taking steps to encourage this by creating more start-up spaces with support, such as ‘desk plus mentoring’.

Can more be done to preserve Holland Park as a space for local people rather than as a London ‘showpiece’?

The Council is open to discussing whether there is anything the Council can do in its Parks Strategy to place greater emphasis on our parks being for local people’s health and wellbeing.

Can the Council help local residents secure improved broadband speeds?

The Council had become increasingly aware of this problem and its implications for local businesspeople including those working from home. It would happily work with residents to establish what might be done.

Can the Council do more to tackle pavement cycling?

Where the Council is made aware of ‘hotspots’ it will take all possible enforcement action, in liaison with Police PCSOs. Residents should raise such issues with Ward Councillors who had contact with the local Police and Enforcement Teams.

For more information on the issues raised during the Forum, please email the Governance Team.