Summary of the Listening Forum of 30 October 2018 Chelsea Academy

A summary of the issues raised and questions asked at the Listening Forum held on 30 October 2018 at Chelsea Academy.

We’d like to thank everyone who attend this Listening Forum.

Approximately 25 people came to the event to share their thoughts and ask questions of our Leadership Team. Local ward councillors and police officers also attended.

The key questions and issues raised included: 

Councillors heard how the proposed changes to buses in the Chelsea area were going to reduce residents’ ability to get around. What could the council do? 

Councillors shared resident concerns and committed to continuing to raise the issues with Mayor’s office and TfL. They encouraged people to respond to the TfL consultation, and clarified they have articulated our borough’s legitimate concerns. 

Councillors listened to resident concerns regarding over-development in Chelsea, and the impacts of construction sites on local communities in terms of noise and nuisance. What was the council doing to reduce the disruption? 

Councillors discussed the Chelsea Pilot which was set up to address residents’ concerns about the impacts of construction sites on local communities. Read more information on the Chelsea Pilot. The Council Planning department have launched a consultation running from 30 November 2018 to 25 January 2019 to feed into a re-draft of the Code of Construction Practice. More details are available and you can respond to this consultation using our easy-to-use on-line questionnaire. Please note you must register or login to submit your comments. Once logged in, you can also sign up for notifications about this consultation. 

If residents have any concerns about any construction schemes in Chelsea they can let the Pilot scheme team know and they will follow up. You can contact the team by email or by phone on 020 7361 3650.

The Noise and Nuisance Team can send officers to assess the level of disruption or noise arising from different sites. You can call the team on 020 7361 2003.

The councillors and local police officers took questions on community safety, policing and the deployment of police resources. What’s was our joint approach to community safety? 

The police answered many questions on the night regarding specific concerns. Councillors confirmed they have also spoken with the Police to ensure that ward officers are aware of specific local issues and have shared concerns about the number of police on local streets with senior police officers. Residents were encouraged to visit the OWL website to find out more about Neighbourhood Watch and Business Watch groups.

Meetings and further follow up work was arranged on additional issues including estate maintenance, local traffic speed surveys, the use of Chelsea Academy’s Multi-Use Games Area, parking issues associated with specific sites and street cleaning. For more information on the issues raised during the Forum, please email the Governance Team.