UK Parliamentary General Election 2017: The result

Declaration of results of poll

Election of a Member of Parliament for Kensington on Thursday 8 June 2017

I, Tony Redpath, being the Acting Returning Officer at the above election, do hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each Candidate at the said election is as follows:

Name of Candidate

Description (if any)

Number of Votes

BORWICK, Victoria Lorne Peta

The Conservative Party Candidate16,313


Labour Party Candidate16,333 - Elected

LLOYD, John Robert

Alliance For Green Socialism49

MARSHALL, Peter Charles Christopher


MULLIN, Annabel Jean Charlotte

Liberal Democrat


NADEL, Jennifer Dunham

Green Party767

TORRANCE, James William

  • 40 ballot papers rejected for voting for more than one candidate.
  • One ballot paper rejected for writing or a mark by which a voter can be identified.
  • 77 ballot papers rejected for being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty.
  • A total of 118 ballot papers were rejected.

Total Votes - 38791
Total Electorate - 60588

Percentage Vote - 64.02%


Election of a Member of Parliament for Chelsea and Fulham constituency on Thursday 8 June 2017

The Chelsea and Fulham constituency has elected Greg Hands (Conservative) as MP.

Name of CandidateDescription (if any)Number of Votes
William CashmoreGreen 807
Alan De’ath Labour Party Candidate13,991
Greg HandsThe Conservative Party Candidate  22,179 - Elected
Louise Rowntree Liberal Democrat 4,627
Alasdair Seton-Marsden UKIP524
  • Turnout 66.30%
  • 126 ballot papers rejected
ReasonNumber of papers
a) Want of official mark0
b) Voting for more than one candidate24
c) Writing or mark by which voter can be identified5
d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty97