Traffic speed

Question: Traffic speed and build-up on Queen's Gate 

Response by Cllr Johnny Thalassites: Many thanks for your question to Full Council, which highlighted a serious issue around traffic speeds and road safety on Queen’s Gate.

It is vital that people using our roads feel safe. That is why the Council is set to roll out 20mph zone pilots in St Helens, Dalgarno and a selection of residential streets later this year. Subject to these pilots, we want to go on exploring other 20mph routes in the borough. It may be that Queen’s Gate meets policy thresholds (a. Evidence of personal injury collisions, especially speed-related incidents; b. Average daily 85th percentile speeds over 30mph; and c. A material change in conditions, such as the creation of new cycle routes), which tend to guide policy around where to pursue traffic calming measures in our borough. 

It was suggested at Full Council that speed cameras might be provided to tackle this issue. Whilst I would like for the Council to hold the competence to deliver speed cameras on its own roads, I am afraid TfL install and monitor such technology. 

As also discussed at Full Council, in order to better understand your and your neighbours’ experiences, I am happy to visit the area to discuss the matter further. I would like to find a way to help.