The Council’s Services – A Snapshot

Adult Social Care

The Council will spend £68.1m on providing adult social care services to vulnerable adults. This will include

  • 624 people supported to live at home receiving home care
  • 112 People to access day care provision and reduce the risk of isolation
  • 440 customers with direct payments/Managed Accounts and Outreach
  • 384 people supported in residential / nursing placements
  • 103 people in Supported Living placements

Education and Children’s Services

The Council will spend £145.3m providing education and children’s services in the borough. This will include:

  • Educating 13,111 children across 33 primary and secondary schools, raising standards and supporting students with special educational needs and disabilities and providing children with complex needs a local service that meets their needs and supports family resilience and outcomes.
  • Supporting 692 children who have Education, Health and Care Plans.
  • Providing transport for 192 children with disabilities to access their education.
  • Care and Support to 94 Looked After Children*.
  • Support to 169 young people Leaving Care and ensuring they receive the correct support until they are 25 where they want supporting*.
  • Supporting 13 Children and Young People whose families cannot access the benefits system and therefore have No Recourse to Public Funds*.
  • Supporting 32 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children*.
  • Provision of youth services across the Borough.
  • Emergency Duty Team, providing access to social care out of office hours and handling on average 491 contacts per month for RBKC.
  • Early Help and Edge of Care support to 508 Children in Need*.
  • Safeguarding of 50 children on a Child Protection plan
  • Co-ordinating 26 Family Group Conference referrals**

* Numbers as at 31 December 2019

** As at 31 December 2019 there were 14 completed conferences, 6 did not result in a conference and 6 are in progress

Public Health

The Council will spend £19.9m providing public health services. This will include:

  • Over 4,000 health checks.
  • Over 6,500 health reviews for young children.
  • Around 23,000 STI screenings.
  • Supporting 2,000 people through the ‘stop smoking’ service.
  • Supporting over 800 people accessing drug treatment services.

Housing General Fund and Property Services

The Council will spend £61.6m on general needs housing and property services, including:

  • Supporting over 2,200 households in temporary accommodation.
  • Supporting over 700 tenants in Supporting People services.
  • Approximately 60 private sector adaptations.
  • Managing over 350 investment properties in the commercial portfolio and managing the Council’s operational properties.
  • The identification of new homes delivery programme of over 600 residential units including the securing of a £33.6m grant from GLA for social housing

Environment and Communities

The Council will spend £102.8m on environment and community services, including:

  • 811,000 visits to our six libraries, with 670 events for the under-5s and 140 health promotion activities.
  • Registering 7,000 births, 1,500 deaths and performing 2,000 marriages
  • Maintaining 26 parks, two cemeteries and a further 60 green spaces
  • Operating two leisure centres with over 750,000 annual visitors
  • Collecting waste from 93,005 households twice a week
  • Carrying out over 1,500 inspections of food premises each year
  • Processing over 1,900 licensing applications
  • Maintaining 188km of roads and highways and 376km of footways
  • Processing around 5,700 planning and listed building applications and 1,400 enforcement cases annually
  • Investigating over 50 alleged dangerous structures a year and taking steps to protect the community where necessary.

Corporate Services

The Council will spend £76.7m on customer delivery and core services, including:

  • Collecting Council Tax from 89,200 properties.
  • Collecting business rates from 9,100 properties.
  • Over 109,000 face to face visits and 390,000 telephone calls through the contact centre.
  • Corporate Grant Scheme of £2.3 million funding 29 organisations to deliver advice and information services and community centre activities to our residents. In addition, a number of these organisations offer specialist support to other voluntary organisations and community groups in the borough.
  • Providing facilities management services to over 100 Category 1 and Category 2 operational properties.
  • Support for around 300 Council, Leadership Team, Committee and Scrutiny meetings and events each year.
  • Providing Human Resources services for over 3,700 employees including schools.
  • Financial Services to meet the Council’s statutory requirements, embed strong financial management across the organisation and deal with the financial challenges to agree a four-year medium-term financial strategy, including £40m budget reductions to be delivered over the 3 years from 2020/21.