Popular local maps

These are some of our most requested maps. Click to open maps (pdf). These print best in colour.


Borough map Ward Boundaries Map    Postcode map Elected Councillors Map

Borough Map

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   Ward Boundaries

 (1554 KB)

Postcode Districts

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     Thumbnail for Parliamentary constituency boundaries Map        Polling map thumbnail    
Parliamentary Constituencies

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   Polling Stations

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Ward maps with street listings


1. Dalgarno                            (1508 KB)
2. St. Helen's                          (1545 KB)
3. Golborne                            (1718 KB)
4. Notting Dale                       (1754 KB)
5. Colville                               (1855 KB)
6. Norland                              (1896 KB)
7. Pembridge                         (1777 KB)
8. Holland                              (1753 KB) 
9. Campden                           (1927 KB)
10.Abingdon                          (1601 KB)
11.Queen's Gate                    (1573 KB) 
12.Earl's Court                       (1397 KB)
13.Redcliffe                           (1735 KB) 
14.Courtfield                          (2030 KB)
15.Brompton and Hans  Town                                     (2210 KB)
16.Stanley                             (1929 KB)
17.Chelsea Riverside             (1676 KB)
18.Royal Hospital                  (2047 KB)


You can also click on a ward in the image above to view a detailed map



Map of RBKC Offices

Chelsea Old Town Hall Map

Access to the Town Hall

Access to Pembroke Road Offices

Key Buildings

Chelsea Old Town Hall

Kensington Town Hall Pembroke Road Office

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        (520 KB)     (230 KB) (307 KB)


Parking Services

 Blue badge parking bays  

 Motorcycle Bays

Pay and display tariff areas

Resident Parking Map

Blue badge parking bays

Motorcycle bays

Pay and display Tariff Areas

Residents parking

 (1140 KB)

(1710 KB) (748 KB) (935 KB)

  Pay and Display parking machines
Pay and Display Parking Machines      


Other maps of interest


Map of school locations

  Hospital Map

  Culture arts leisure sites

Borough Libraries

(824 KB)


 (516 KB)


(480 KB)

Culture arts and leisure locations

(690 KB)

 Conservation Areas map

 Flood risk map

Map of mini recycling centres 

      Public Transport Network

Conservation areas

(1275 KB)

Flood risk

(2415 KB)

Recycling centres

(821 KB)

Public Transport Network

        (2738 KB)