Full Council Meeting Responses - 20 June 2018

Decision-making by the Council

Question by Claire Simmons

This Council, like most across England and Wales, operates under a ‘Leader and Cabinet’ executive system – one of the models permitted under the Local Government Act 2000. This means that the Cabinet (or the Leadership Team as we call the executive in Kensington and Chelsea) exercise most of the Council’s decision-making powers. You can find more information on our Making decisions page.

The independent review of governance conducted by the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) recommended a review of how Borough-wide and area governance might work in the future. This will help us develop a much more detailed understanding of how local people, in different parts of the borough, might want to be involved in decision-making, and to consider the pros and cons of different options. 

The Council’s response to the CfPS review was considered by the Leadership Team on 11 July and by Full Council on 18 July. It includes a number of recommendations designed to improve the way the Council engages and consults with people before making decisions.

The Full Council meeting on 20 June agreed changes to the Member Code of Conduct and the establishment of an Independent Ethics Panel. This demonstrates the Council’s commitment to achieve the highest ethical standards, and the Code of Conduct includes a refreshed requirement for all members to respect each other.

Last updated: 29 November 2019